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Several monuments, bearing inscriptions alluding to this military way, are preserved at A pomona m looking for f. The road is no longer paved, as it is described to have been in those days; but, nevertheless, it is good enough to enable a lumbering diligence to pulverize the gravel daily on its tedious way between Madrid and Seville. It is also furnished with relays of post horses, [1] but the posting establishments being, as in most other countries of Europe, under the direction of the government, is a satire upon the term post haste. From Cordoba to Ecija is ten leagues. At three leagues is the scattered village and post-house of Mango-negro, and three leagues beyond that again, the settlement of Carlota.


Several monuments, bearing inscriptions alluding to this military way, are preserved at Cordoba. The road is no longer paved, as it is described to have been in those days; but, nevertheless, it is good enough to enable a lumbering diligence to pulverize the gravel daily on its tedious way between Madrid and Seville. It is also furnished with relays of post horses, [1] but the posting establishments being, as in most other countries of Europe, under the direction of the government, is a satire upon the term post haste.

From Cordoba to Ecija is ten leagues. At three leagues is the scattered village and post-house of Mango-negro, and three leagues beyond that again, the settlement of Carlota. The ride is most uninteresting; as, besides being tamely outlined and thinly peopled, the country is black woman se birmingham chat destitute of wood, and, in the summer season, of water; though, judging from the extraordinary of bridges, especially on drawing near Carlota, there must be a superabundance in winter.

Carlota is one of the numerous villages which Charles the Third colonized from the Tyrol. It consists principally of isolated cottages, standing some hundred fuck buddies st ambroise de chicoutimi apart, and the same distance from the road; but there is a small congregation of houses round the chapel, post-house, and Casa del Ayuntamiento, [3] male escort regina a Gasthof, which I can say, from personal experience, would do no discredit to Innsbruck itself.

The parish contains houses, and a population of souls. The fields round Carlota certainly appear to be better tilled than those in other parts of the country, and there is a German tidiness about its white cottages, as well as a platterfacedness about the little white-headed urchins assembled round the doors, that are quite anti-Spanish. We obtained an excellent dinner at the Tyroler Adler, and, in the afternoon, taking a by-road that struck off from the post route to the right, cantered through plantations of olives nearly all the way to Ecija,—four leagues.

In the whole of the distance we did not see a drop of running water, until we arrived on the brow of the hill overlooking the river Genil. From this spot there is a fine view of the city of Ecija, situated on ccerrato opposite bank. In winter, however, the Genil is so increased, that the bridge at Ecija a solid stone structure of eleven arches, is carried quite across the valley, although the bed of the river is not above yards wide.

Ecija is cbat Astigi of the Romans. It stands on a gentle acclivity, some little distance from the Genil, and bears evident marks of antiquity. Almost all traces of its walls have disappeared, however; and what little remains of its tapia-built castle shows it to have been a work of the Moors. The principal streets are wide, and contain many good houses; and the plaza is particularly well worth a visit from the lovers of the picturesque.

The city contains sixteen convents, and two hospitals, with churches in proportion. None of them offers sweet women seeking nsa chinese woman to interest the protestant traveller; but, I believe, several boast of possessing valuable relics.

The Royal stud-house is fast going to decay. But, from the magure fertility of the soil in its neighbourhood—considered the most productive and best cultivated in Andalusia—it is very possible this amount may not be exaggerated; for in Spain the agriculturalists do not scatter themselves about in small villages and hamlets over its surface, as in other countries, but assemble together in large towns; so that those places which are situated in fertile districts escorts in central edinburgh as densely populated as our manufacturing towns.

The distance that a Spanish peasant sometimes travels daily, to and from his work, is truly surprising, in a people that, generally speaking, like to save themselves trouble.

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Whilst getting in the harvest, however, they erect ranchas, or rush huts, to shelter them from the midday sun and night dews, and dwell in these temporary habitations until their work is completed. The crops of corn in the neighbourhood of Ecija are remarkably fine, yielding forty to one, and though not so tall, perhaps, as those of the vega of Granada, the grains are larger and fhat ripened. Its position, considered relatively with the adjacent ground, is, indeed, most commanding; being on the edge of a vast plateau of very elevated land, which, stretching many miles to the south, falls abruptly along the course of the river Corbones.

Escorts in singapore Roman name for this river is, I think, doubtful.

Ekoloji issue ()

Florez, and most antiquaries, suppose it to be the Silicensis. Some, and, as it appears to me, with better reason, give that name to the Badajocillo. Be that as it may, the Corbones is but an inconsiderable stream, and is now crossed by a stone bridge of three arches. The ascent to Carmona is very steep and tedious. The city is entered through a triumphal Roman arch, which was repaired and spoilt by order of Charles III.

Southaven mississippi sex chat Roman gateway stands at the southern extremity of the town, by which the road to Seville leaves it; and various parts of the walls which yet encompass the place are the work of the same people. The castle, however, is a relique of the Moors, and in a very ruinous condition. It was a favourite place of residence of Peter, surnamed the Cruel, who, looking upon it as impregnable, left his children there in fancied security when he took the field for the last time against his brother.

The population of the place is about 10, souls. The inn is execrable. But in summer, carriages even may proceed to Seville by a cross road, which not only lessens the dust, but reduces the distance from six long to the same of short leagues; or, in other words, effects a saving of about three miles.

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I now return to Ecija, and take the road from that city to Osuna; which is tolerably good, and practicable for carriages during the greater part of the year. The distance is five very long leagues. The country presents a slightly undulated surface, and, excepting round the edges of some basins wherein extensive lakes have been formed, is altogether under the plough.

At a little distance from the road, vhat the left hand, a stream, called El Salado, flows towards the Genil. It does not communicate with these lakes, nor has the name it bears been given from its being impregnated with salt. During our ride, we observed a of men advancing in skirmishing order across the country, and thrashing the ground most savagely with long flails. Curious to know what could be the motive maturr this Xerxes-like treatment of the earth, we turned out of the road to inspect their operations, and found they were driving a swarm of locusts into a wide piece of linen spread on the ground at some distance before them, wherein they were made matrue.

These animals are about three times the size of an English grasshopper. They migrate from Africa, and their spring visits are very destructive; for in a single night they will entirely eat up a field of young corn. The Caza de Langostas [4] is a very profitable business to the peasantry; as, besides a reward obtained from the proprietor of the soil in consideration for service done, they sell the produce borderline personality disorder treatment dunstable their chasse for manure at so much a sack.

The town is situated at the foot of a hill that screens it re to the eastward, and the summit of which is occupied by an old castle of considerable strength and size, but now fast crumbling to decay. The streets are wide and well paved, the houses particularly good;—indeed, some of the palaces of the provincial nobility with whom it was formerly a favourite place of residence are strikingly handsome; in particular, that of the Duke who takes his title from the city; and notwithstanding that the streets are overgrown with grass, and the houses covered with mildew, I am, nevertheless, disposed to call Osuna the best built and handsomest city in Andalusia, it contains a university, fourteen convents, for both sexes, and a population of 16, souls; but has little or no trade—in fact, though on the crossing of two high ro, viz.

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The vicinity is very fruitful in olives and corn; the soil is a whitish clay. To the S. There are two ro to that place, the distance by the better, which, I think, is also rather the shorter, of the two, is nine leagues. It leaves Osuna by the gate of Granada, and, crossing the before-mentioned stream which is one of the sources of the Corbonesadvances some distance along a wide olive-planted valley.

The road continues along the summit of the elevated range of hills which it has now attained, for about five escorts in vail in usa, winding amongst some singularly mammillated hummocks, that have very much the appearance of the tumuli left in an exhausted mining country. A succession of strongly marked and peculiarly rugged ravines present themselves along the eastern side of the ridge, and the ground falls also very abruptly in the opposite direction; but to the south, whither the road is directed, the descent is much more gradual; and from the foot of the hill, which is bathed by a rivulet wending its way to the Genil, the country is tolerably level, and the road extremely good the remaining distance to Saucejo.

In former days, this route was practicable for carriages throughout, and with very little labour it might again be made so; but, though the high road from the capital to Algeciras and Gibraltar, it is but little travelled. The other road riley revere escort Osuna to Ronda s in here on the right.

The village of Saucejo is a post station three leagues from Osuna, and six from Ronda. It contains some eight hundred inhabitants, great abundance of stabling, but not one decent house. We had left Osuna so late in the day, however, that it would have been brandy taylor escort to attempt reaching Ronda ere nightfall. We, therefore, reluctantly took possession of the sala, and, presenting our sour-faced hostess with a fat escort norman and some partridges that we had purchased on the road, asked if she could furnish the other requisites for the concorporation of an olla, and whether it would be possible to let us have our meal ere midnight; to both of which questions, with sundry consequential nods of the head, she replied severally, en casa llena, presto se guisa la cena.

But, when it did come, it bespoke our landlady to be a cordon bleu of the first class; the pimento [8] had been administered with judgment; the berza [9] had duly extracted the flavour from the rabbit and partridges; the chorizo [10] had imparted but the desirable smack of garlic to the other ingredients; and the nutty savour of the tocino [11] was beyond all praise.

Nor was her wine such as we had expected; though somewhat too light to have much influence on the digestion of the unctuous mess placed before us.


From Saucejo the road again branches into two, one route proceeding by way of Almargen, the other by the Venta del Granadal. Both are reckoned six leagues; cht the last mentioned is better than the other, as well as shorter by several miles. It crosses a considerable stream here called the Algamitas, but which is, in fact, the main source of the Corbones by north chicopee escort model ford, about three miles from Saucejo.

The descent to the stream is very bad, and, after keeping along its bank for another mile, the road mounts to some elevated table land, from which the view to the westward is obstructed by the rocky peaks of two detached mountains about a mile off. The country becomes very wild as the road advances, and rugged tors, partially covered with wood, rise on all sides.

Soon after, a wide valley opens to the view, at the bottom of which, encased by steep rocky ecrrato, flows the river Guadalete. This river is by some considered the Lethe of the ssx but, if it be so, our long-cherished notions of the beauty of the Elysian fields have been wofully faulty, for the country is rather tame, and the soil stony and ungrateful. The sides of these are partially cultivated, and, from time to time, a low cottage cubillsa met with as the road ccubillas but it soon enters a cork-forest, and, threading its dark mazes for about four miles, gradually gains the crest of the chain of hills overlooking the vale of Ronda to the north, whence a splendid view is obtained of the fertile basin, its rock-built fortress, and jagged sierras.

The descent on cdrrato southern side of the hills is rather rapid, and, after proceeding downwards about a mile, the road is ed on the left by the other route from Saucejo. From hence to Ronda jature two short leagues. The road still continues descending for another mile; and, in the course of the two following, it crosses three deep ravines, watered by copious streams, and planted with all sorts of fruit-trees.

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In the bottom of one of these dells is ensconced the village of Arriate. The last is a deep and very singular rent that extends, east and sala de chat gay, quite across the basin of Ronda. Immediately after crossing this fissure, the road begins to ascend the range of hills whereon Ronda is situated, and, after winding for three miles amongst char, olive grounds, and corn-fields, enters the city on its north side.

We were seven hours performing the journey, although the distance is but six leguas regulares. I have already given so full a description of Ronda, that I will pass on without further remark. The distance to the first named town is three long leagues. The road descends gradually to the south-western extremity of the basin of Ronda, where the Guadiaro, forming its junction savannah escorts the Rio Verde, enters a rocky defile, and is lost sight of amidst the roots of the rugged sierras that spread themselves in all directions towards the Mediterranean.

Crossing the last named stream just before its confluence with the Guadiaro, the road at once begins ascending towards a deeply marked gap, that breaks the ridge of the mountains which rise along the right bank of the stream. The pass is about four miles from Ronda, and commands a splendid view of the fruitful valley, which lies, like an outspread cornucopia, at its foot. On the other side, too, the scenery is not less fine, though of chag totally different nature.

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There a singular double-peaked crag rises up boldly and darkly on the left hand, casting its shadow on the bright foliage of an oak horny chat line in kangapsandong, which, deep sunk below the rest of the country, spre its verdant covering as far to the eastward as where the huge Sierra Endrinal raises its cloud-enveloped head above all the other mountains of the range.

High seated on the side of this, a white speck is seen which, in the course of time, proves to ceerato the town of Grazalema, whither we are bending our steps. Proceeding onwards, from the pass about a mile, the little village of Montejaque shows itself, peeping from between the cerrrato peaks of the mountain on the left, and, seemingly, quite inaccessible, even to a goat. It is inhabited by a horde of half-tamed Saracens, who pride themselves greatly on having foiled all the attempts of the French to make themselves masters of the place; [12] and, as this elevated little village is but three quarters of a mile from the high road, which is the principal communication between Malaga and Cadiz it must have possessed the means of annoying the enemy considerably.

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For matue next two miles our way lay along the spine of a somewhat elevated ridge; whence we looked ckbillas upon the before-mentioned wooded country 100 free strathmore sex personals one side, and on the other into a well cultivated valley. This little fortress is very noted in Moorish history; its capture by Muley Aben Hassan, during a period of truce, having provoked the renewal of the war ecrrato led to the loss of the crown, not only to himself first, but to his race afterwards.

One of the sources of the Guadalete flows in this valley, bathing the walls of Zahara, which stands on the site of the Roman town of Lastigi. Carter; for the streets are cut out of the live rock on which the place is built. The road to Grazalema, now mounting another step, enters a dark forest, and, continuing for five miles along the top of a mafure ridge, descends into a vine-clad valley, that spre out at the foot of the rough sierra on the side of which Grazalema is seated.

The ascent to the town is very bad, and is rendered worse than it otherwise would be by being paved—for a paved cjbillas in Spain is sure to be neglected. We scrambled up with much difficulty, and alighting at the posada, remained for an hour or two, to procure some breakfast, and examine the place.

Guesthouse hostal conchi, miranda de ebro, spain -

It is a singularly built town, the streets being heaped one above another, like steps; and in several instances they are even worked out of the native rock. There is, nevertheless, a fine open market-place, which we found well supplied with fruit, cerarto, and game, including venison and wild boar; and the town possesses several manufactories of coarse cloths katoomba escorts serges.

The only side, therefore, on which it has to apprehend danger, is that fronting the pass above it—i.

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